What’s a Hogshead?
A hogshead is a large cask of wine. References to “hogsheads” were commonly found in colonial America as a standard measure of taxation for wine and other beverages. It now refers to a specified volume equaling 63 U.S. gallons.

In 1632, Governor John Winthrop established one of the first vineyards in Boston called “Governor’s Garden.” His rent was set at a hogshead of the best wine grown there, to be paid annually.

Who We Are

Hogshead Wine Company is a well-connected, fresh distributor composed of industry veterans which serves the best restaurants and the finest wine shops throughout Massachusetts. We appreciate tradition in the vineyard and seek to represent growers and importers who embrace this same philosophy – the encouragement of time-honored techniques and minimal intervention.

The result – a growing collection of honest wines across all price points, selected for you, for any occassion.